hope you having a wonderful week so far!

I’m back from Mallorca and can’t believe my eyes: it’s snowing! I know they call it “April Wetter” here in Germany – meaning that it is unpredictable in April, up to the point of snow. BUT SERIOUSLY!?! Don’t get me wrong, I love Germany, but I’m very much over winter, it can be spring now. I’m ready. Let’s go!

Ok, so the weather isn’t listening, and I still need to go out every day on quite a few meetings. Many of them are about meeting new clients and doing photoshoots. As you can imagine, my new clients expect a well put together influencer, and not a wet fashion disaster. And since fashion has never claimed to be practical, there are plenty of fabrics that shouldn’t get wet. What to do!? – Especially if you want to look good doing it!? Bernardo saved my life (not literally, obviously) with their beautiful and bright red water-resistant and windproof raincoat. Not only does walking around as a bright red colour statement instantly brighten my mood, but the light and foldable jacket makes sure I don’t get wet or my look destroyed.

The jacket is quite casual, so it’s easy to mix and match. Here styled with denim, a bag, a striped sweater and my current obsession: black sock boots.

So I guess I can make peace with the “April Wetter” thanks to my Bernardo jacket… for now. How do you style yourself for rainy days when your look needs to be perfect?

You can find my red Bernardo raining coat by clicking on the link below:

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Have a beautiful spring day,

Much love