Even though traveling is one of our family’s passion, being in Munich is always a beautiful and relaxing experience. It’s the place we call home and where Luca is growing up oh so very quickly.

Since mothers are always looking for places where they can keep in touch with their friends despite taking care of family and children, I have listed my four favourite “Kinder-Freundliche” restaurants in Munich:

Number 1: Brennersünchen/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe2eb9ba6e1dab478?sa=X&ved=0CC8QrwswAGoVChMI88TR8vDsxgIVoodyCh1FkwiI

Brenners is not only a very posh place where even your single girlfriends won’t mind meeting you, but it also has a lovely Family Sunday program. They offer a big playground and people taking care of your child while you sit and chat. Breakfast and brunch goes on until four in the afternoon and if you want to park your stroller, they have a designated area just for that…super cute.My favourite dishes there: kids berry mix smoothies, pancakes with bananas and waffles with powdered sugar or jam.

Number 2: Backspielhaus,11.52321,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xf19402f37fc3b8f9?sa=X&ved=0CBYQ_BIwAGoVChMIy_nV4vDsxgIVJZNyCh3AgQAC

This very playfully decorated gem has three different restaurants in Munich, so I’m sure you will find one near you! Kids just love the cosy atmosphere and it has a menu targeted directly towards children. I love how it is also very “Kinder-Freundlich” and how much effort the staff put into taking care of you and your needs if you come in with a stroller. The bread and tiny rolls are always fresh and the cakes are to-die-for. It’s seriously worth a visit.

My favourite dishes there: cottage cheese with berries and some müsli, tiny hamburgers for children, a great variety of salads and their famous fresh mixed juices.

Number 3: Käfer Bistroäfer+münchen/@48.1405251,11.6019702,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdd32819cb61543f2?sa=X&ved=0CEgQrwswCGoVChMI0Y-j6-_sxgIVh5dyCh1hLAsr

Käfer Bistro might not be your first choice if your baby is still under 6-7 months, but once he/she can sit, they have high chairs that accommodate your child. This might be luxurious and it is a bit tight, but they are always very welcoming and “Kinder-Freundlich”. Every once in a while Mommy has to meet for a quick delicious lunch that is made from organic and tasty ingredients. If the weather is good, you can enjoy the lovely indoor and outdoor terrace and after having finished an amazing dish go and buy the fresh ingredients in the Käfer store right next to the bistro.My favourite dishes there: Mixed salad with fresh salmon and some avocado ,fish soup and Apple juice.Asparagus with baked potato and shrimps we both love it.

Number 4: Marks's+restaurant+münchen/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x48c775f514fe8a6f?sa=X&ved=0CDEQrwswAWoVChMIp5aSuPDsxgIVS6dyCh3tEAMi

The forth one is one of my personal favourites because it is in the Bogenhausener area where I live. It is not only cosy and warm, but the quality of the dishes are outstanding. Just like Käfers it also has a grocery store attached with high quality products, and I usually do most of my shopping there.The beauty of it being so close is that I can take Luca for a walk while he is sleeping and sneak a tea and snack or even a lunch, and if he wakes up hungry there are more than enough choices for him. It is easiest during the summer because I can sit outside with the stroller,since the inside is a bit small if it gets full.

My favourite dishes there: their healthy green or fruit smoothies, müsli with a fruits, scramble eggs in the morning for both and cakes of all shapes and sizes.

P.S I had add some pics from our traveling with Luca in a restaurant of South of France as i found his attitude simply adorable.