If you have been following me, you know that I travel a LOT. Within a week it’s very possible that I go to 2-3 different countries. You will also know that I live, breath and eat fashion all day, every day. One thing you might not know, though, is that I have developed a taste for comfort, too… Have you ever flown in heels or run from appointment to appointment over cobblestone in 8 inches? I have, and while I can walk a tight rope in Jimmy Choo, I don’t always want to!

Thank goodness style has arrived in the sneaker world, enabling me to take my beautiful Voile Blanche yellow, grey and white sneakers with me to Paris for the Week of weeks: Fashion Week. 

These beauties, reminding me of spring in their vibrant colors, were with me everywhere. They fit perfectly to the Parisian streets and lovely city colors and go well with most of my dresses. I do favor them with my oversize leather pants and yellow jacket, though, as well as pants of any material, cut and color. 

I’m excited I discovered Voile Blanche and their ability to cushion my days of frenzied action during Paris FW. I actually went to bed one night without my feet being covered with blisters. 

True story. 

What is your go-to comfort wear? Sneakers or something else that I need to add to my travel closet. Please share in the comments.

– In cooperation with Voile Blanche