You really don’t need to leave the house to have a beautiful spa day… If you want to spoil your child and yourself, you can do it at home – just pick the right choice of natural and nutritious body oils, creams, bath foam and masks. You can even make a beautiful and relaxing spa day once a week or every two weeks as a bonding ritual between you and your child. Even if your children don’t like bathing too much, being pampered by mommy is always something they will enjoy.

As I am a true spa aficionado I have a small list of products I like to use for Luca and myself. Bonpoint’s oil is for both mother and child as well as the body and face cream – I enjoy the silky texture so much, that it is always a part of my ritual. To finish the day off with a bit of luxury just for myself, I gently scrub my face with Kiehl’s lovely peeling, apply a hair mask by Aesop and use a few drops of Guerlin’s new perfume “…” which lingers discretely on your skin in the most enticing way.

Here’s my spa day recipe for your use, if you like:

Put lots and lots of bath foam by Maria Novella in the tub to make a bubble wonderland, and a few drops of oil. If you are bathing with your child, you might not want to indulge in candles, if it’s with your man, I strongly suggest you do… Add some water toys and soap bubbles to blow without ruining carpet and furniture. Soak and play for about half an hour before rinsing off.

After the bath you can wrap your child in a cute little bathrobe and enjoy a few minutes of cuddling on the sofa as you apply massage oil by Bonpoint and give your child a rub. Don’t forget to use a different cream for the face, and you can also use the face tonic from Bonpoint for yourself. I like to add a face mask, and La Biostetique night capsule works wonders over night!

After that you will sleep like a baby and wake up revitalised for a new day full of excitement. The time in the water will also help your child sleep a deep, healthy sleep as well as make sure he/she is set for the next day. Maybe top it off with a hot chocolate, and you are well prepared for the winter!

Products I use: Bonpoint mother and child skin care Aesop Guerlain La Biostetique Maria Novella Ritual