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I seriously cannot tell you where Luca has got his love of everything wet. But I can tell you that – now that he is alarmingly mobile – two eyes are almost not enough to keep him safe…

Whether it is at the seaside, on a boat, at a pool or even – yes, shudder – a puddle, he has absolutely no fear and will jump right in.This last trip my family and I spent more time chasing after my little merman than anything else, and we are beginning to think he might have a future career in water sports, by the look of it.

Knowing this, if there is no other source of water around, we always set up a kiddie pool. This does not only keeps him occupied for hours on end, but also makes sure he doesn’t overheat during the hot summer days. I have to admit that his absolute joy of splashing around is quite contagious, and I may or may not have squeezed myself in the kiddie pool one or the other time because of his enthusiasm.

If your child is as enthusiastic about water as Luca is, an inflatable pool is easily set up everywhere and even just a bit of water is enough for some summer fun. Water guns, water balloons, garden hoses and soap-bubbles make a dreamy set up whether you are in Ibiza or at home on your balcony. For children who do not like getting wet, a cool thermal spray or a damp washcloth can help keep them cool, and a homemade fruit popsicle never hurts… (Easily done: just throw some fruit in the blender, add a bit of water, honey, and pop them in popsicle forms into the freezer).

And please don’t forget sun protection, I’ve listed my favourites of the summer here as a little reminder:

La Roche Posay, as a spray 30 or 50 SPF

Avene kids sun protection, 50 SPF (www.avene.com)

Lancaster Sun Kids as a spray, 50 SPF (www.douglas.de)

As if a day of splashing wasn’t enough, Luca insists on his evening bath before going to bed.

There are many baby baths and oils that sooth the skin after a day in the sun and help calm your child into a sleepy and warm mood.

Bamford -Organic baby bath and massage oil (you can find them on www.net-a-porte.com), is one of my favourites, but also ‘Baby Sleep All Over Wash’, which also comes in the amazing combination with ‘Baby Sleep Pillow Spray’.

This organic and soothing product will help your child to relax and regenerate for the next day of growing and discovering.

Organic Balm from Bamford After Bath will make sure that the skin gets enough of healthy nutrition and regenerate after sun and water (this balm contain camomile, lavender and tee tree ) you can find it on www.net-a-porte.com

Weleda bath oil (full of moisturise and herbs)


We wish you a happy, splashy rest of the Summer!


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