I noticed that I have become rather contemplative these last few weeks. I think its because these are the final weeks before my due date which makes them very special to me and my family. Carrying the next big love of your life is no little thing, and all the worries and anxieties threaten to put a damper on your joy. – Will I be as good a mother to 2 as I am to 1? Will I still be able to follow my dream and live the crazy entrepreneur life without neglecting anyone?

But – no matter in which situation you are, worrying will not get you anywhere, and sometimes you just have to let go, breath deeply and let the future bring what the future brings.

And speaking of future… I know that spring is lurking out there somewhere. So Luca and I put together a nice pre-spring special that hopefully reflects this powerful, beautiful and yet humbling time we are going through right now. Spending time with him is still my favorite part of the day, full of cuddling, playing and even shooting together. He’s a great sport, and though there are times he puts up a fight, we usually get along wonderfully.

Despite the small bits of snow persistently hanging around Munich, we found ourselves in a fresh and happy mood ready to conquer spring 2016. This season its all about soft but bright colors, lots and lots of white and pure, simple and natural make up.

I’m wearing: Ellery long white dress, matching with Luca (he is wearing white shirt from Jacadi and jeans from Ralph Lauren).