My Dear Ladies,

these last few days have inspired me to get into a mood full of spring and sunshine. And with a new season come new beauty products that I would like to share with you because of how they ‘wowed’ me!

We all have been missing the sun, and the cold has been taking its toll on our epidermis so we need to do some buttering up before heading out into a warmer season – and I found just the right products for that!

I’m a bit of a freak for beauty products and will try out just about everything at least once in order to spoil my skin and get my glow going, and this time two exquisite brands caught my attention: (BELLE -FLEURELLE) which is organic and natural, perfectly suited for both mother and child, and miracle night cream called sleeping beauty from the English company called (SKINDESIGNLONDON). (Belle et Fleurelle ) is actually a German company based in Munich, and since I’m living in Munich, there may be a sense of patriotism in my enthusiasm, but really, the products are simply amazing. Their organic ingredient palette is impressive and they manage an amazing chocolate scent that makes your mouth water by using real cocoa. “Belle et Fleur”, another one of their magic potions, is so soft and full of great oils that it gives your skin all the minerals and vitamins it needs. If you mix the oil and the cream for your baby or toddler you get the perfect balance for every type of skin. After a few days of testing and trying out, both Luca’s and my skin is smooth, glowing and elastic – we are absolutely and truly ready for the sunny days to come!

The best part about “Belle and Fleure”, though, is not even how great the quality is, but the beautiful little bottles it comes in: the design was inspired by macaroons and Laduree, which I am absolutely obsessed with as it is, so just imagine how happy it makes you, just to carry them around, let alone opening them up and being engulfed in naturally beautiful scents.

Women Body Lotion

Of course my night routine is just as important as my day one: at night your whole body and especially the skin regenerates while you sleep, so the more you help it regenerate, the better you will look the days after! After using the “Sleeping Beauty” detoxifying night cream I woke up feeling like a princes and my skin was a dream. The cream’s texture is silky smooth without fattening the skin unlike many others, and the effect is just amazing. Since I first tried it I have been using it once a week, and my skin glows more and more each day. The label was originally founded by (Fatma Shaheen ) and is based in London. If you want to know more about them and their products, please check out their official Instagram account or their very cool website, it’s definitely worth it!



Your Vik