Happy first days of Spring!

If you are in Munich right now, you are probably looking around with a puzzled look… Spring!? Where??
But yes, it’s time to get Spring-ready. Time to slowly turn out your closet and replace the thick coats with trenches and capes. And most of all: COLOURS!!

Now is the time to bask in all colours that go so beautifully with Spring. Pink, rose, flamingo pink, red, green, salad green… Is it bright? Do the combinations make you double-take at first!? Then you’re doing it right! Colours, colours, colours.

I never paid much attention to shades of green in the past, but I’m quite loving them these days. Maybe because I’ve seen too much grey throughout the winter, but most likely because the designers are putting inspired combinations together that add a touch of happiness to every outfit. And guess which other ‘colour’ is back and the new black!? – White!

From suits to dresses to accessories and shoes, you will see tons of white in all hues and shades. It is a fresh and elegant colour which will gently lead us into the summer. I must say I’m quite happy. So happy that I got a white trench coat by Acne and Marni pumps to go with it. Adding white shades by Dior was naturally a must.

Stripes are also on the menu this Spring, inspired by Chanel, and I think that goes perfectly well with green, too!

Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner Spring goddess – you will not only make yourself happy, but put a smile on every one else’s face!

Have a lovely March day,

Your Vik

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