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Today I get to write about one of my favourite topics again: Wellbeing, natural ingredients and detox. When I’m not obsessing about fashion and how to mix and match new styles to life, I’m researching for organic and healthy skin products. Your skin often reflects your lifestyle and health level – when I get too stressed or am eating badly, my skin is the first to tell me, and BOY, it’s bossy! You can imagine that I’m very quick to comply: happy skin, happy me!

Even though I’m preparing my spring looks and will start deciding about my spring hairstyle (yeah, new seasons inspire me – life is too short to have the same hair for ever) soon, it still is quite wintery with below minus temperatures every other day. That means that my skin gets irritated and prone to all kind of weird spots. I’m 30 now, and fine lines pop up every here and there if I don’t sleep well, too! You can imagine that I was buried in my laptop looking for a natural and organic product to battle the weather, and well, I guess time too, LOL!

Just then WELEDA appeared on my radar with help: their ‘Granatapfel’ (pomegranate) skin product series is based on completely organic products and is pumped full of healthy ingredients. The name itself pretty much sold it to me: pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits around. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins, the perfect mix to regenerate tired and irritated skin.

But I am thorough. I don’t just go and use a new product. I study it over a week or two and make sure that it really has the effects it promises! So, after 10 days of using WELEDA ‘Granatapfel’ day cream in combination with the eye serum I can happily share the results: the cream is very fresh and light, unlike many other organic regenerative and anti-aging creams. After applying it, it instantly melts into your face, leaving a soft scent as only reminder. The eye serum and cream are beautifully light as well, but I still feel protected and my skin instantly boosted after gently tapping it under my eyes. After about a week my skin looked plump and got back the same glow it has when I’m in the sun. The dark rings under my eyes are much lighter and people keep commenting that I look great (thank you, WELEDA! 😃 )

I guess pomegranate was not Aphrodite’s favourite fruit for nothing…

If you are struggling with tired or irritated skin, I suggest you trying the great combination they offer:

  • Weleda “Granatapfel “day cream
  • Weleda “Granatapfel “night cream
  • Weleda “Granatapfel ” serum
  • Weleda “Granatapfel ” eye cream

You can find Weleda products in many organic Pharmacies or order it online via this link below:
Weleda Shop

Now we can get ready for spring without looking like winter chewed us up and spit us out all dazzled and frazzled.  On that note I’m off to see what other looks I can mix with socks!

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