I hope you all had a lovely St Nicolas Day yesterday! I’m very pleased to say that ours was a dream-come-true: We took a weekend trip up to the snowy mountains of St Moritz to attend the opening gala night at the Kempinski hotel. The gala was to celebrate the opening of the Ski and festive season, and the setting couldn’t have been more luxurious and beautiful. – Thank you, Kempinski! – The nature of the Swiss mountains is stunning as it comes, and the chalets and grand hotels imbedded in the valleys are simply magnificent. It was a great place to celebrate Luca’s first St Nicolas day (it is a German tradition to give children a stocking full of chocolate sweets and little toys on the 6th of December) in the fresh air and playgrounds full of snow.

As you might know, I am quite concerned with what he eats. I do not want to expose him to too many processed foods and sugar. Such a small body can’t digest too heavy sweets or cope well with a huge sugar surge. I do not want him to become sick or develop an allergy so I chose more toys than sweets. Dark chocolate has much less sugar and small candy pieces such as mm’s look like a lot, but are actually less than a chocolate bar, tricking him into being content. Before our trip, we went to two of my favourite Christmas markets in Munich at the Residenzstrasse and Briennerstrasse, introducing him to fruit with a light chocolate covering. Of course he had a bite of a famous Bavarian sausage, much to his liking.

So back in St Moritz we started the day with him discovering his stocking. He couldn’t believe his little eyes, and the bigger present under a pillow (you can’t hide things too well) was a huge surprise and even bigger success. After that the whole family was spoiled by an extensive Kempinski brunch, followed by playing outside where he made friends with two lovely little girls. If that wasn’t a great way to celebrate Nicolas day, I don’t know what is. My husband may or may not have high-fived ourselves. J

Days like these are why I love the holiday season so much. Please follow me on my magical December journey on the road to Christmas.



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