Hello my Lovelies!

Even though there are days that should be all about “Me, Myself and I” enjoying fashion, fitness and style, most of the time someone else is the star of my show. Or let’s say TWO someone else’s: Matteo and Luca.

And what better time is there than the summer to explore the world with your children!? We travel together, playing on beaches, discovering cities and towns both by boat or by car. I wouldn’t be me if I could resist dressing my boys in cool, fun and stylish ways – my new favourite being matched looks.

Luca especially enjoys the family time during our travels. In St Tropez he was never far from my side, cutely dressed as little French boy, turning heads as he patters through the alleys. Matteo, is getting more active day by day, breaking lady’s hearts in his playsuits and overalls.

Here are a few of my favourite looks:
Luca wears ILGufo – www.ilgufo.com

Matteo wearing Il Gufo stripes playsuit – www.ilgufo.com
Second look, wearing grey and white suite from Tartine de Chocolat.

Have a lovely day and stay tuned!!

Yours Viky