Wow: a hot spell actually came to Munich for a few days! We were so happy to see the kids being able to enjoy spending time with each other over the weekend just hanging around outside and playing in the garden. At the Lake side. Grilling and trying out our holiday outfits for hot days. So lovely and just very summery!

I got for Luca this adorable Burberry summer baby holiday addition jumpsuit (which you can find on official Burberry website under ‘kids collection’) and another sweet body from the same line which I found so cute and just perfectly fitting for our summer travelling and going to the beach.

As every mother knows, one of the most important summer accessory for children is the hat! Getting sunburned or even a heat flash can happen to the little ones so fast, and putting on a hat prevents that in an easy way. I found this adorable Panamas at Tartine de Chocolat, but a lovely striped hat form Zara has also become one of our favourites.

Another thing to look out for is to keep the children hydrated. I always bring enough water and herbal tea with me, which he thankfully readily drinks when offered. So far I have managed to keep soft drinks such as cola and fanta away from him as well as fruit juices with added sugar. I can’t emphasize how important it is to set their tastes at an early age: if you manage to keep sugar away from your child until they go to kindergarten and are exposed, anyway, you will have set their palette and eating habits for their whole lives!!

So once the kids are filled with water, until they swush, rubbed with sunscreen so that they would survive a nuclear explosion and protected with a hat, all you need is the right travel stroller! I tried them all, having ordered and sent back over 5 different types. Now I chose the cognac coloured Mimi stroller. I’m so happy with the reasonable price, the design and how super functional it is! It is light (when you travel with a small child, you LOVE light), easy to disassemble and looks just fab. You can use it as a highchair for a snack break, a place to nap and simply and all-round comfortable place for Luca to sit and relax.

Now that he has started to crawl (mamma mia, he’s faster on 4 limbs than I am on 2!), I need to be able to run, crawl and squat, so my outfits need to be comfortable. But knowing me you would guess that I’m not going to forsake fashion… some short cut-off jeans, a cool t-shirt and a few accessories allow me to be a good mom and still rock some fashion.

I can’t wait to tell you next entry about how Luca reacted when I took him to a real beach for the first time, because that’s where we’ll be going!

Until then take good care,

www.burberry.com Baby summer overall

www.net-a-porte.com Chloe denim skirt

www.celine.com Royal blue bag

www.zara.com White sweater and baby sneakers

www.maje.com White lace top

www.farfetch.com Saint Laurent denim shorts

www.hermes.com Summer hat with yellow stripe