One of the disadvantageous of fashion is that it changes so often… This summer you might find an all-time favourite look but next summer it will be so out of place that you regretfully put it into storage, hoping it comes back into fashion soon. I have a few pieces I really loved and visit in my closet every once in a while, but don’t see myself wearing any time soon.

Thankfully there is a long proven trick to make sure you don’t spend your rent in boutiques and still look great at the same time: classic pieces! A little black bag (yes, bag, not dress…), a pair of ripped jeans, a vintage Chanel cardigan or jacket, high heel slippers and a classic blouse will faithfully style you throughout seasons and occasions. My new little companion, the ‘Ophelia’ bag by Aigner has already travelled through three climates, three countries and more than three different occasions, my favourite look being inspired by Coco and definitely a bit French.

Classic looks can take you anywhere and last a lifetime.

Hope u like it!

Lots of Love