My boys and I enjoying beautiful days

When the sun comes out you can bet your sweet behind that my kids and I are going to rush for the park and playgrounds of Munich! Quality time with my boys is always a highlight during my day, and seeing them running and jumping makes my mother-heart very happy.

Especially Luca is full of boundless energy and has developed a very strong sense of personal style… Most important to him is that his shoes go FAST. He’s so hellbent on wearing his Naturino shoes that I have given up on trying to get him to wear anything else when he’s made up his mind.

Comfortable and stylish as they are, I don’t mind, of course: Naturino shoes are meticulously designed to support children’s feet and allow maximum agility at the same time.

So whether we’re eating ice cream, climbing on monkey bars or running through the park, I can concentrate solely on playing, talking to him about the little adventures in his head and being fully in the moment. No worries, just being happy.

What will you be doing this weekend?

– In cooperation with Naturino