My Dear Lady's,

I am so excited to share the experience of my magnificent trip to see the presentation of Piaget’s new high jewellery collection in the stunning Mansion Potocki in Paris. I thought I knew all about Piaget before my trip – especially about their watches, as they are a fashion passion of mine, but after just half an hour of roaming the halls of Mansion Potocki I was taught otherwise.


The trip already started in the best possible way: after checking in to the new Peninsula Hotel in Paris (which had been on my to-stay-list already), I soaked in the perfection of the huge and elegant, slightly artistic lobby which correctly reflects the rest of the hotel, from room décor to room service. Taking a sneak peak at the hotel roof top terrace I got a ridiculously amazing Parisian View of the city, including the Eiffel Tower. I can tell you that lunch at the terrace is simply a dream!

After the sneak peak, getting ready for Piaget was quite a lovely procedure to celebrate this great city and the upcoming jewellery presentation: full of inspiration I chose a very classy and elegant dress by Dion Lee (, my Lady Dior nude bag (somehow I cannot go to Paris without taking something from Dior and Chanel – wearing them simply feels right), the Chanel New Mules, and, in honour of my hosts as well as because I’m in love with rose gold shades, my Piaget watch.

Entering the presentation rooms of the Sunny Side of Life I couldn’t believe my eyes: beauty and breath-taking artsmanship wherever I looked! The most unique and heavenly beautiful pieces I have ever seen. Let me elaborate: The room was so beautifully decorated that you instantaneously felt the vibe as soon as you entered. Lighting, sparkles and interior designed left me feeling like the Alice in Wonderland of luxurious jewellery. Unfortunately the pictures do not do the atmosphere justice, but they do convey each pieces beauty, as you can see in the pictures.

While Piaget’s guests wandered through the showroom, completely and utterly charmed, the outside gardens were awaiting us with champagne and many pink Flamingos of Piaget. (I really wanted to take one home, but everybody was eyeing them, so there would have been none left). As if that wasn’t enchanting enough, the unique and very rare Yves Piaget roses – especially bred for him – lavishly decorated each and every table, bathing us in their delicate scent.

The collection inside was divided into different sections, ranging from pure white all the way to pink diamonds. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the limited pieces they had, but the highlight for both press and guests were definitely 3 feathered bracelets made by legendary artists Nelly Saunier ( who I had the honour to interview on the second day of the presentation. The three bracelets took her one whole year of working up to 13 hours a day. Collecting the feathers strand by strand, each millimetre of the bracelets are handmade and absolutely unique. Though they are all inspired by the same dreamy concept, each bracelet is very different of the other. Brilliant, vibrant colours of turquoise, pink, gold and water games of blue create a captivating whirl of colours.

Being in the presence of such a gifted artist was humbling indeed, and my interview with her revealed the magnitude of her genius as well as passion. The first thing I asked her, was of course how she came to the inspiration of adding feathers to fine jewellery, as well as asking her about her art journey in general. As many of the truly driven artist, Nelly started at a very young age, falling in love with the bird world as well as creativity and art. The sketches she showed me of the Piaget bracelets were mind blowing in the preciseness they were planned and drawn: each feather hair was chosen and put together millimetre upon millimetre. She shared the secret to her work: while applying the feathers she had to hold her breath as not to involuntarily move them… can you imagine such dedication!? In a way I think the bracelets fit perfectly into the philosophy of Piaget. Each watch contains hundreds of the finest parts to create a masterpiece.

Nelly Saunier was an absolutely lovely person to interview: sympathetic, stylish and very, very French.

The beautiful ear cuff I posted on Instagram was one of my favourite ear pieces made of white and pink sapphire diamonds that are so rare, you have to wait almost 3 years before you can get enough of that shade from the mines in Madagascar.

As you can tell, I loved everything about the presentation and think that Piaget perfectly captured the meaning of The Sunny Side of Life – and that is exactly what I wish to all of you, my Darlings!

To know more about Piaget and see the new collection “Sunny Side Of Life” head to official website: