As you know, traveling is a central part of my life. I am on the road so much, that it has definitely become a priority to make sure the trip is a s smooth and easy as possible. Traveling by myself is tough enough because I like to over pack – you never know if you want to wear the blue or black shoes before the moment strikes – but with a toddler and a baby on the way, it has become a real challenge. Because of that I have become very organised and every step of the way is planned. Transport is, of course, vital. Especially with a small child, navigation in unknown locations and being able to get in and out of shops can be quite a challenge. So when I got the Bugaboo Bee3 stroller, I was extremely excited to see how light, handy and foldable it is.

The Bee3 is very cute with the black and yellow stripes, absolutely reminding of a bee. It is petite enough to fit in even the smallest cafes and so easy to handle during the stressful folding and un-folding at the airport. Even though it is so small and light, Luca fits in easily and was more than happy to take his 2-hour nap-time in the stroller, snoozing like an angel. I really have to say that this stroller is a great invention for a high energy person such as myself who still doesn’t want to strain herself, especially during pregnancy.

Bee3 surpassed my expectations and easily mastered all the challenges my little family threw at her. Which makes it even more exiting that I can keep it for my baby who will be due soon: you just add a baby basket that you can order online at , and VOILA, take your new baby on a stroll.

Super easy. Super cute. Super travel companion.

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