Dear Mommies, dear Angels, and dear Devils (mostly our little ones are both). I hope I can inspire you once more with some cool outfits and ideas for your toddler’s birthday party. I have to say it has become a very exciting subject for me as I love to experiment and want nothing more than to see my children happy.

So let’s start from the very beginning when you are just playing around with ideas, but aren’t quite sure which motto to choose. Balloons, colours, outfits and themes: the choices are endless, which makes it really hard to decide.

For this instance, I thought it would be nice to step away from traditional boys and girl’s themes: baby blue and pink are very cute, but there is a whole world of colour out there waiting to be explored. Since my next child is a boy as well, I refuse to be limited to blue for the rest of their years in my house. This is the time to celebrate the outburst of colours everywhere, so I put yellow, silver and mint green into the mix and was delighted by the outcome. Some dark violet for a handsome touch of mystery along with some blue balloons just because.

Flower, flowers, flowers. This year I am swimming in a sea of scented colouring in all shapes and sizes. I have always loved flowers and now you will not find a room in my house that isn’t brought to life by even the smallest bouquet. For Luca birthday party I went over and about again, and I think along with the cupcakes, balloons and gift wrapping, it turned out quite beautiful. Of course his birthday cake was in the shape of a Ferrari because that was not only his third word, but also his favourite toy car.

The children running around the garden, up and down the stairs and all around with the Bagera cars, Tiffy our French bulldog close on their heels was quite a sight to behold. But as the fashion freak that I am, I couldn’t deny myself to carefully chose the most important element of the party: the birthday boy’s outfit…

Il Gufo offered the perfect opportunity to step away from traditional boy’s colours in the most adorable of ways. Even before Luca was born, I had an eye on their collections, the baby bodysuits the overalls and the summer essentials. They have always been one of my favourite brand especially because of the amazing quality of their clothes. Soft yet sturdy and always extremely stylish, I was so happy when I found the perfect look for his birthday party. He looked like a little gentleman that you just want to cuddle until you drop.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him all day with his small neon yellow cardigan, the Il Gufo trousers mix of beige and white and the matching shoes – I have to watch him any waking second anyway because he seems to love getting himself in trouble, so I might as well enjoy looking at him…

Since you never know about the weather this time of the year, I had a plan B on the side in case it started to get cold or rain, and I was quite happy I did as a few clouds gave the air a chill. The striped trousers along with a wonderful demi-season dark blue jacket with a cute mouse print beanie allowed him to keep playing with his friends outside.

I’m excited to hear your opinion about the looks, please comment and let me know what you think about Luca’s special second birthday.
For more details please click here: Il Gufo – Clothing for children