YAY! Finally, it’s time to revive our wardrobes and let in a breath of fresh air, creating a new look for the first sunny and warm days of the spring.

For me springtime has always been a very special time of the year: where I grew up winter was long and exhausting. Spring didn’t just bring back good weather and blue skies, but life, movement and joy. That still reflects in my wardrobe every year. I love to try new colours, textiles and be a bit daring after all that winter grey and black. Following trends is not always a solution, but this year I am in love with what I see, and have created 3 cool street fashion outfits to show you exactly how I am feeling!

Here are my favourites for spring, just waiting to be carried into action:

Off shoulder blouses, dresses and tops convey a lovely balance between femininity and sexiness. I will be sporting them all spring and summer, so get ready for the “Blouse”.

LOOK N.1 (click on the link below)

LOOK N.2 (click on the link below)

LOOK N.3 (click on the link below)