Luca is presenting the upcoming spring looks today with his boyish charm and playful approach to being in a photoshoot (Little secret: sometimes he loves it, sometimes there’s nothing we can do to get him to participate. Unlike his mother, he can just run off and play.) His 2nd birthday is coming up in April, it seems like the years are zipping by. Now that he’s bigger I love dressing him up like a cool mini-version of his father with stylish jeans and a shirt.

An even easier look is put together with hats such as, jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts. Looking all chilled and hip, your toddler will definitely rock the streets and make women coo.

Spring is just the right time to try out new colors, styles and to just experiment a bit. There will come a point where our little angels will have a fashion sense of there own, so you have to take advantage of being able to put his outfits together.

I choose those very affordable looks from:
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