Many of my friends struggle with coming up with an idea what to gift their men. If you are with a successful man the likelihood that he has already bought himself whatever he really wanted is pretty high.

So our job is to find out what he didn’t know he wanted…

For that you have come to the right place: years of shopping and research have led me not only into the world of women’s fashion, but also into that of men’s. You may think giving a man a pair of colourful pocket squares (the handkerchief they put in their breast pocket) is the most boring present, contested only by socks, BUT: men do not have that many opportunities to flash some style. While we women can easily adorn 4 contrasting colours at once, decide from 200 different shoe styles and add jewellery until we drop, a pocket square in fuchsia can change a man’s look. I can’t say I have seen a guy weep in joy over socks, but I have seen my man try to hide a glow when complemented on his Christmas socks.

Here are also a choice of accessories that make his pet vice a bit more enjoyable:

men presents

1.Pauls Smith Wrap Bracelet /

2.Bowers & Wilkins Headphones

3.Thom Browne Knit Sweater .

4.Pankhurst London Shaving Set.

5.Tom Dixon Candle.

6.Loro Piana gloves .

7.William Lockie Scarf and Hat set.

8.Montblanc Fineliner Pen.

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