As much as I love traveling the globe with my little family while exploring many fun and exciting places, coming back home to Munich is always accompanied by a sense of comfort and familiarity. The Bavarian flair is unique and charming while being firmly strong-minded and rooted in tradition. All throughout the year my boys and I stay up-to-day with what is going on. And most of the time there is something fun on the menu, varying from Christmas markets to beer gardens. But the most wonderful time of the year to live in Munich is definitely the Oktoberfest!

Those of you who have had the privilege of visiting the Wiesn (Named after the great square the Oktoberfest takes place, Theresienwiese), know that these fun two weeks are not just about beer – even though beer is definitely the factor that brings everyone together – it is about making friends, celebrating Bavarian culture, and my favourite part: Bavarian fashion! A Dirndl (the traditional Bavarian dress with the famous cleavage cut) is a stunning piece of fashion art that flatters every woman. No matter if you are fat, slim, tall or short, you will look wonderful in a Dirndl, and will be a perfect match to your man in leather pants.

The amazing part of going to the Wiesn is that there are more than 6 million visitors each year and over half of them embrace the Bavarian look in some way or the other. Some you see sporting t-shirts with leather pants prints, some actually invest in a beautiful outfit, and all of them are enjoying the Oktoberfest vibes.

As a fashionista, I looked closely into the Bavarian styling and quickly found a huge difference in quality, styles, Dirndl cuts and fabrics. There are sheer endless possibilities to create a unique look and some brands are leading in a way that makes them the best obvious choice. For years I have been buying the most beautiful and exciting Dirndls at Lodenfrey, Munich’s best equipped fashion house for Bavarian styles. There you find many top Dirndl designers all under one roof as well as Lodenfrey’s own collection that changes its colour palette every year since 2002 a new without losing its signature cut.

I was thrilled when given the opportunity to feature this year’s Dirndl and fell in love with my dress straight away. Its simple style goes perfectly with the saying ‘less is more’ while flattering your natural look. Learning more about Lodenfrey’s long tradition in Munich was inspiring – I can say I am honoured to be a part of this year’s Oktoberfest presentation. The annual Dirndl has become somewhat of a collector’s item and I predict myself staying an enthusiastic fan as well.

The Dirndls start at the great price of 399 €, which is amazing for the beautiful quality and the store sports hundreds of blouses which you can combine to your own liking.

My dress is a beautiful olive tone with baby blue features and I love how easy it is to dress up or down, depending on which tent you will be visiting at the Wiesn.

I hope you enjoy the look and if you are going to the Oktoberfest, now you know the place to find the best Dirndls in town! Stay tuned for my new stories during my corporation with Lodenfrey – there are many more great tips and tricks to read about!

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