Every year for the last 3 years I have been going to Mallorca with my family for a short holiday. This year we decided to do things a bit different and invite another couple and their 2 kids along to a friend’s boat with us. Luca, my 4-year-old son has a best friend he is inseparable from, coincidentally called Lukas. Those two together are the sweetest little munchkins and bundles full of energy, and fortunately the parents are lovely too – a friendship forged in Kindergarten and tested in Mallorca. And, despite the unlikely luck of parents and children being friends, we had one of my favourite vacations yet.




Usually we make sure that the boys are occupied and having fun, but this time we planned everything around the kids: 3 boys and a new-born baby girl. Seeing how sweetly Luca cared for the girl was heart-warming. Its funny how surprised I always am when I realize how much he has matured in the past months, even though it is right in front of my eyes. He told the little girl he loved her and made sure she was ok where he could. I couldn’t wish for more in my little boy. I warned everyone that this would be a high energy adventure trip, and the group was good spirited and full of great ideas. 

We tried the old part of Mallorca and the town, visiting the cathedral, walking through cobblestone streets and simply enjoying the calm Spanish atmosphere.

Our days started out with a child’s (ok, and also mine, maybe) breakfast dream: pancakes, Nutella, fresh fruits, eggs and bacon, you name it. We then went out for day trips, one of my favourites being a trip to Calvia, an old Spanish town in the hill sides. What a beautiful town, the local people were so friendly and hospitable, the houses picturesque and the small cafes and restaurants full of delicious authentic Spanish food. The rolling hillside a perfect for cycling, its very easy to lose yourself on soft-winding streets and my husband, who is an avid cycler swears there is no better place to take your bike. 

There are great playgrounds for kids of all sizes, our favourite being here: ( Adventure playground) , and not too far away my two top ice cream parlours: one near Puerto Portals, and one next to the cathedral. We stopped there almost every day, each and every one of us getting a scoop or two. 

This year was the last time I took my kids to the Marina World: while I do want the boys to get a close-up experience with animals, the small compounds and cages with hot and miserable little creatures broke my heart. I took Luca aside and had a heart-felt conversation about animal rights and nature and hope he will grow to see the end of zoos and encaged animals. 




The restaurants in Mallorca are very good, but this time we had a lot of pizza with the kids. We did go to (Flanigan), a fish restaurant with spectacular seafood. 

Of course, I had to work a bit in-between: the landscape and background to many places are so inspiring that it would be a pity not to. One of my shootings took me to (Castell son Claret), the most romantic and elegant hotel. It is absolutely breath-taking, and if I were to renew my vows, I would have the celebration there. The location called out for my summer look of the season: clean Spanish outfits in plain white, huge straw hats, linen oversize dresses and ethno sandals. I love to wear strong colours with sneakers, and soft, pastel colours with a slight romantic tweak and a trench coat. This time I came back with a lot of inspirations. 

When the days didn’t end in a restaurant, they ended cosy on the boat, everyone in a hoody and comfy snuggle pants, watching a movie together and talking about how wonderful the day was.

I love Mallorca, will go back every year, and here are a few of my favourite restaurants and hot spots for you to try out if this made you curious: 

Restaurant Can Pedro in the village go Genova

Restaurant Ritzi in Puerto Portals

Kids Republic