Traveling has always been in my blood. I took my first trip to another continent when I was 16, and I never looked back. There is something about discovering the world that moves and inspires me. I have been blessed with seeing some of the most beautiful and enchanting places in the world, and I would like to share these experiences with you. So… welcome to Viky’s Travel Log Book.


Preparing for this trip, I was a little worried. This was going to be our first long trip on the boat with both kids. I knew that Luca enjoyed boating, but we usually never travelled far and not with Matteo, either. I guess we were quite bold while planning the trip, but we tend to be optimistic and turns out we were right on the dime! 14 days of sun, sea, great Italian food and family time, I couldn’t be happier:

We started out at Sardinia. It’s crystal clear waters, beautiful coasts and divine restaurants are amazing enough to stay longer, but alas, the world (or Italy in this case) is large, and was calling us. I really love Porto Cervo, the port is simply lovely and has some of the best shops I know. Funnily enough, here is where I buy most of my dog accessories for Tiffany: the little dog shop always has the best items. We tried a few restaurants, visited the new Cavalli restaurant which is beautiful, but can sometimes have… interesting… clientele. The Japanese restaurant “YOU” is definitely worth trying, and please don’t skip ice cream at the harbour if you visit! Our boys loved” White Beach” where Matteo discovered his love for sand, and my man and I loved the restaurant. Of course, we had to pop by Cala Di Volpe: they have the best Bellini’s in the WORLD, and I wait all year yearning for a fresh one. What a beautiful place!


Then we shipped over to Ponza. This island is much less glam than Sardinia, but so authentic and lovely. Small fishing boats and home cooked meals in the small local restaurants make it charming memorable.

After a day, we left for Ischia. Ischia is quite popular with the Germans, and we have a few friends who have houses on this very green Island. It’s famous garden “La Mortella”is worth a visit, and dinner at the port is always a treat. The fish is fresh and made with love.

The next stop was Positano. I admit that I was looking forward to it the most: I have been wanting to go there for years! The whole city is like an Italian fairy tale: small and winding alleys, where taxis zip through at a breath-taking speed, wind their way through the city that is, seemingly, completely uphill. We walked through the city for hours. The history is impressive, as is most of Italy, and it is a fun place to visit. At the very top, there is a lovely restaurant “IL RITROVO” that was one of the most beautiful I’ve been to and worth the half hour of uphill walking we did to get there. Please take flat shoes if you plan to visit this mesmerizing place.


After Positano we left for Capri, where we had been the first time 4 years ago, on a romantic holiday, just my man and me. Bringing the kids along, now that our lives have changed so much, and introducing them to the gem of islands moved me very much. I don’t have words that could adequately describe how enchanting Capri is, with its buildings, vegetation and clear, clear blue sea. It almost makes my heart hurt when looking at the island, it will always be special coming back. While I am a huge fan of JK PLACE hotel, this time I discovered Tiberio Palace, which I fell in love with instantly – after talking to the manager who was so friendly, we already made plans to stay there soon. And if this all wasn’t mind-blowing enough, I took one of my best pictures EVER with Mario Villanueva. I always wanted to do a shoot on Capri, but the results topped my wildest dreams. Please see for yourself 😊. (I also found my birthday gift on the island: a beautiful black Chanel jacket. I have been looking for one that will be with me the rest of my life, and I finally found it. Happy birthday, me.)

Procida was next, a magical town on the coast that bewitches with its colourful pastel houses which you can see best from sea side. It’s a small fishing town, but the Pizza drove Luca crazy, he must have eaten almost a whole one.


The last place, before popping by Ischia again, and then heading home was Amalfi. It’s a down to earth fishing town that is very green, and very, very hot. Of course, the food was amazing and I have never seen bigger lemons in my life.

All in all, this trip will be edged in our hearts for ever, and knitted us closer together as a family while allowing us to rest and reboot. Thank you, Italy!


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Photo credit: Mario Villanueva