Hello My Ladies!

It’s just been over a week since the Fashion Weeks are over, but things are always moving so fast that it almost feels like it was yesterday. I won’t complain about the fast track my life is on at the moment, though – too many exciting things are happening. If it’s not a new deal or discovering a cool brand, it’s something Matteo suddenly does, or a new word that pops out of Luca. WOW!

To conclude with the two crazy week of traveling, discovering new brands, celebrating the old ones and coming up with exciting new looks, I wanted to write an entry that helps you shop my top 5 Fashion Week looks, if not exactly, then at least pretty close!

  1. Oversized shirts! Either oversized or with Volans. This season is all about long cool sleeves – definitely a hot trend that I subscribed to, whole heartedly!
  2. Velvet is back, and boy -that makes me happier than it probably should! It’s such a beautiful material that makes an outfit extremely chic and on point. And how diverse – shoes, bags, dresses, blazers, pants, skirts, overalls, tops – you name it! I got myself a deep black overall, an orange bag, black culottes, red sandals and a grey dress. I guess that tells you how much I heart velvet right now!
  3. High waisted jeans, or jeans with an unusual cut, maybe even cropped. Here my favourite 3 brands: Vetements, Mother and r13.
  4. Mules, mules, mules! Some may say they look like house shoes, but if we are going to dinner in pyjamas, it’s not a far cry to take your mules out for a walk! The most popular this year are definitely from Gucci and Alberta Ferretti!
  5. Cool sweaters of all sorts. Knit, printed, and in colourful versions. Gucci, Chloe, Ganni, Acne and Joseph are absolutely killing it this year – who said you couldn’t be warn AND stylish!?

And as a little extra, I would like to show you how I style up my two new Russian discoveries, ‘a La Rus’ and ‘Ruban’. They are very hot while up and coming, and the quality is over the top. What a beautiful sensation it is to wear these brands!

I hope you found the inspiration you were looking for,

Much luv,

Your V