My Dear Lady's and Possibly a Few Gents,

While the Christmas season can be hectic and busy, there is still something very special about the many celebrations going on that makes me want to be on top of my game. The lights, the atmosphere, the cold weather and cozy indoors simply convey a very festive feeling which makes me what to indulge in my feminine side more than usual.

What you can’t see in my posts is that I am actually as dedicated to fashion, beauty and comfort in my lingerie as I am to my day and night wear. I like to feel perfection in every facette of my wardrobe from the very bottom to top!

In order to insure that I am comfortable and feeling sexy at the same time, I have dedicated quite a lot of time to finding the ultimate lingerie. All day I am running to appointments, after Luca and from parking tickets, so I have to be able to move freely. At the same time having a sharp and beautiful silhouette is half of the equation to looking good. Where in the world do you find shape-ware that is comfortable, lets you move and looks beautiful at the same time!?!

Contemplating this conundrum, I remembered a shooting I did a while back for Triumph: I remember being in awe of the amazing quality of their lingerie, especially the shape-ware. So I got their ‘Enchanted Magic Boost Sets’ and have been trying different pieces since a few days. To be honest I am usually not a big fan of wearing bodies because they can get quite uncomfortable after a while, but I went a whole day wearing Triumph’s beautiful body as well as changing multiple times and it was so comfortable, I almost forgot I was wearing it! I wore the body with my jeans, with a dress and in my home outfit, and it was like a second skin. – I even managed to read 2 pages in my new book!!

And while the body definitely won and has become a permanent piece of my wardrobe, going out at night can become a herculean task: each and every outfit has a different cut, neckline and shape! So, while my goal is feeling and looking like a queen, I also need a perfectly fitting and shaping lingerie set. The magic wire bra was amazingly fitted with adjustable bra straps to go with many dress cuts. I wore it to my anniversary date night dinner just the other day with a very low cut dress, and was the perfect ‘partner in crime’ for that night!

All in all, the Triumph collection has become part of my feel-good Christmas essentials and will support and compliment me through my days of hectic nights of celebrations.

If you, too, are interested to know more about about that “Magic Boost Sets and Body”, just follow up this link below: Magic Boost Collection

I wish you so much magic and fun during this beautiful period.

Your Vik