What could be better than spending precious time with your family …!?
There are so many different destinations to go and enjoy and this time we chose one of the most amazing ones -Tuscany.
My absolute “must” is Tuscany from April till August. The beautiful nature and magic of this place brings you in peace with yourself. And I prefer it as well for cosy family trips – just how we've done it this year for Easter.
By car you can easily get to all of those small and unbelievable pretty Tuscany towns, countrysides and of course to “Bella Firenze”.
Luca had so much fun seeing and hearing his name all over the places, as it's originally an Italian name and very common here. In Latin the meaning of the name is “Light”.
Italian kitchen is well known as one of the most popular ones. But in every region it's individual and they have their own traditional receipts, including all the extremely yummy pasta, pizza and antipasti. And if that weren't already enough, there still is my personal highlight: Italian Ice Cream!!! 🙂
You probably think that Tuscany with all of those landscapes and amazing food could also make you become bored quite easily!? But there are plenty of things you can do, like cooking courses, reading your favorite book, playing golf, jogging and lots of other exciting stuff. So we made pretty sure that no one who would come and see us during our one week vacation will get bored ;).
I am simply happy being around my beloved ones and getting lots of inspiration for future projects.
My little boy enjoys this beautiful nature and was sooo happy about his first steps on the grass. He probably needs one or two more days to feel sure about crawling around :).

I would love to share a couple of nice moments with you and will keep on posting updates.
Enjoy it and have a lovely Eastern!

Outfits from: (kimonos and cardigans) (white jeans) (chloe espadrilles)