Every woman has her own beauty secret, recipe or ritual to look younger, fresher and to keep a certain glow. From the first time we practice putting on our mothers make up and products, we know how our skin reacts and what we need to look the best we can.

But sometimes it’s easier than other times…

As a mother of two, entrepreneur and avid traveller people often ask me how I manage to keep looking fresh and energized after a long day. Especially during times such as the fashion week when I get up at 8 am for a week and go to bed after midnight it is almost impossible to keep a glow. Or is it?

My secret is that I live very healthy. My best friend calls it boring, my husband calls it disciplined, but to be absolutely honest I very much enjoy doing my body good. A cup of herbal tea in the morning with some eggs and fruit gives me the confidence that I will have the strength to tackle anything life throws at me. A missed flight, a teething child or a cancelled meeting I was looking forward to?! Bring it on! A detox tea after a day of exhaustion fumes and running from meeting to meeting allows me to calm down and recharge for the next day.

So leaving healthy and keeping good, kind people near, people wish you well and support you, that’s my secret to my inner glow… But what can one do for the outer glow!? Well, thank you for asking – I happen to have discovered a beautiful new product that will make sure you can bring that inner feeling of serenity and beauty to the surface and unlock your potential! Without it I may not have survived that fashion week the way I did and I am grateful to Estée Lauder and their talented team of scientists to have discovered the bountiful effects of the Moringa tree.

Just a week before the fashion season begun I received a mysterious package from Estée Lauder containing two new products I hadn’t seen before:  Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti- Aging Cell Power Crème and Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti- Aging Wake Up Balm! These two wellness-in-a-bottle products are made of the Moringa tree extract, a tropical tree practically bursting with vitamins, calcium, proteins and potassium. This “tree of life”, as the Moringa tree is also rightfully known as, has one more special active component, namely the NRF2-activator.

The NRF2-activator is so important because it activates our NRF2 protein which makes sure our skin doesn’t lose its elasticity, regeneration ability and self-detox powers! By using the Powder Crème pores significantly shrink, fine lines disappear and the skin practically glows. The Wake Up Balm soaks the skin with hydrating agents allowing it to look its best after just one use. I used both products every morning during the fashion week, and as you can see on my unretouched pictures, I always had a fresh shine on my face, even on the last day of my two-week stunt!

Just apply the crème every morning after cleaning and using toner. I used the balm after that, and had it in my handbag to apply whenever I felt a bit stressed or that my skin was getting tight. You can use it over your make up and the effect is immediate! All Estée Lauder products are tested for sensitive skin, so even if you are prone to being careful with your products, you are safe here!

After just two weeks of testing the Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti- Aging Cell Power Crème and Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti- Aging Wake Up Balm they have become a constant part of my morning ritual along with my tea and healthy breakfast. It is good to know that I have a powerful product I can rely on to help me unlock my potential and be the best I can!

And because both Estée Lauder and I care about you, my dear faithful readers, we would like to offer you the chance to win 5 packages of Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti- Aging Cell Power Crème and Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti- Aging Wake Up Balm! All you need to do is send us your personal story of how you stay energized and activate your own personal potential!

Please send your story to, and we will soon announce the winners. If you are too impatient to wait for the competition to finish and want to look great straight away, you can find them here.

Good luck and all the best,