I am stubborn.

If I think it should be spring, and Munich thinks it shouldn’t, then I just go where the sun is. So there! I’m officially opening the spring summer season for myself, and of course, for you. Spain is helping me on my quest with light breezes and temperatures around 21 degrees. THAT’S spring!

I love to pack for short trips (more actually than for long trips because I don’t have to think ahead for too long, and can follow my mood), and boat trips are on the top of my list of favourite holidays. Thanks to Lodenfrey I am never in need of things to wear: they have everything from formal wear to bikinis. This trip I actually got most of my looks from the store, and I would love to share the 4 outfits we put together for you:

  1. Being comfortable is not an oxymoron to being chic. Traveling in style without cutting off my blood flow or ending up in a crumpled heap works perfectly with these amazing jogging pants and rainbow jacket. Some comfy pumps (ok, an oxymoron may have snuck in here somehow) and a colourful back, and off to Mallorca we go.
  2. The poolside cries for jeans shorts and ethnic blouses. Easy to slip on and off as we wander between pool and pool restaurant, the bohemian look always a vacation indicator for me.
  3. This nude dress by Iro, bought at the Lodenfrey flagship store is so flowing and lovely that it belongs on a boat. It was made to softly move in an evening breeze, light and romantic. Always a pleasure to wear.
  4. Last but not least, swimwear, a bit of protection by a cosy and soft cardigan. The lovely pastel and golden colours are not only flattering, but also very comfortable. You gotta give it to Zimmerman – they know their swimsuits! A straw hat, and voila, what is left to wish for?!

Please feel free to shop the look at: Vacation Styling by Lodenfrey

And have a beautiful and sunny getaway!

Your Vik