Her Adventure in the Tuscan Hills.

Have you ever had a vacation that started so bad you almost wanted to cancel and just go lie down under your bed where no one could find you?

Well… That’s how my lovely Tuscany trip started: I was working in another city and took the earliest flight back to Munich I could get. For anyone who has flown at 6, they know that means getting up at 4 in the morning. When I arrived at Munich, had finally packed all the children’s bags as well as my own, our flights to Florence got cancelled and the only way to Tuscany was to rent a small bus with a driver and squeeze my two boys, the nanny, multiple bikes, strollers, bags and clothes for shootings into the car. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with that idea because we had traffic aaaaall the way. Our driver, sweet as can be, was equally old and had hearing problems which made me quite uneasy. I couldn’t sleep a second because my mother-instinct made me keep an eye on him the whole trip. I arrived dreadfully tired, on the verge of a cold and when we left the car it was… RAINING. You can imagine that we got some medicine, food and went straight to bed.

Thankfully that is where the bad times stopped. Well rested the next morning I opened the shutters to one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen in Italy. Miles and miles of green and luscious nature spreading over an untouched Tuscany valley bathed in sunlight. What an amazing sight that made everything all right.

We were supposed to have a relaxed weekend, but you know me #vikyneverstops! There is just too much to see and do so we ended up having 5 days full of wonderful adventures in and around Florence. I have to admit that I simply adore the Italian cuisine. I eat more in Italy than I do anywhere else and can assure you that my pizza and pasta Instagram photos are not staged: every day we had either delicious dishes of either pizza or pasta and always, always dessert afterwards. There are no sweet treats like the Italian ones, from gelato to profiteroles, and I love them all. And the thing I appreciate about most Italian restaurants is how friendly they are towards children. Having two boys means having two loud, noisy and energetic balls of chaos with you. I understand that it can be irritating at times – I, too, need some quiet time every day – but we have all been children, and having a bad attitude about my boys makes sure I never come back again.

We went to see Florence, have tea at the Gucci museum where even the sandwiches were packed in little pink Gucci packages and shopping in the museum store. There are many lovely things you can only get there which I find is a great way to get something unique and unusual. Of course we had to pass by Luisaviaroma, my favourite Italian store (and recently my client as well – hurray!). I may or may not have maxed out my credit card there, I wish they had less wonderful things…

We strolled over the Ponte Vecchio, had tea at my favourite hotel in Florence, the Four Seasons, where they were hosting a pool party for children, and spent some time in the magnificent Gucci gardens.

Whenever our schedule allowed it I did a shooting, inspired by the countryside. I think I may have developed a bit of a different look during my trip there. The wild and yet lovely nature had a deep impact on my and my physical and mental wellbeing. Just breathing in the pure air every morning made me feel like a new person.

On our way to the airport for our flight home we stopped at Pisa again. Historical, old and friendly, Pisa is a bit too much of a Tourist trap for my taste. I prefer getting tips from the locals and finding out where they eat and drink. It’s more authentic. Thank you to all my wonderful followers who offered ideas and places for me to go <3

It was a short but wonderful trip, and I can’t wait to come back in September, maybe for a detoy after Fashion Week!

Much love,