My Darlings,

So it’s finally time to share my exciting new collaboration with Lodenfrey and the beautiful Oktoberfest story that resulted out of it.

If you read my previous posts you know all about this most special of all Bavarian Festivals, and I would not be surprised if I bumped into one or two of you – hopefully sporting one of Munich finest Dirndls by Lodenfrey!

The fun with getting ready for ‘Die Wiesn’ (as the Bavarians call the Oktoberfest), is that it’s not just about me styling my look and enjoying the dress up, but the whole family: men look mighty fine in leather pants and white and blue shirts. And don’t get me started on the kids: children are often a sensation dressed in miniature Dirndls and leather pants, with many cute looks to choose from.

If you have a baby ‘on board’ as I do, you will easily find the perfect outfit for your little Bavarian angel, and can match their look with a sibling or two while they still allow it. I have seen one or the other cute little sunshine with a perfect Oktoberfest look, but Lodenfrey is presenting a baby leather pants overall that is to die for and fits perfectly. With Matheo as my latest addition to our little family, it has been even more fun this year, mixing and matching our outfits while adding some fashion spice to glam things up.

The atmosphere in Munich changes during the Oktoberfest days… I always love being in town, but in the course of those two weeks, expected 7 million visitors will bring colour, good vibes and many different looks to Munich. The energy is uplifting, expectant and very playful. I suggest you wear the German traditional wear every day: you will feel special and cheerful.

This year I chose the blue coloured Daniel Fendler Dirndl with the polka dot print to be my main outfit. Somehow it represents the softness I feel at the moment as well as matching my boys look very nicely. In order to add a bit of fashion je-ne-sais-quoi, I’ll wear my gold Gucci pumps, my white summer straw hat and my Michael  Kors bag. Silver-white shades by Dior complete my look of Bavarian high-fashion-fusion.

While most people opt for a very traditional and complete Trachten-look, I prefer to keep things light and fun every now and then, especially for my boys. So, instead of sporting leather pants, Luca gets to wear a cool vest, white shirt and blue jeans with Adidas sneakers. I think he looks so cute, I wanna nibble on him. Since Matteo is still so young it’s the less, the better, so he just gets the overall and an adorable checker shirt. So while we are all dressed with Bavarian influence, we’re keeping it cool and a tad different.

You can find the baby and kids Trachten section in Lodenfrey store in Munich on the 4th floor (with plenty of choices). To get your matching dress or leather pants you just go a floor lower. Optionally their website is great fun, and you can get an amazing outfit while at home: Click here

I hope you enjoyed this Bavarian special love,