It’s funny how perspectives and interests can change when you have a baby, not to mention priorities. Just a year ago I couldn’t tell a stroller from a walker for the life of me, and now I swoon over all the amazing gadgets and adjustment possibilities the “STOKKE Xplory” by Schlichting offers… I mean, seriously: 3 positions to make my baby comfortable, from sleeping to sitting. That means I can still go do my thing whether it’s his nap time or he wants to do some people watching.
And it’s so light! Ok, I work out a once or twice a week, but after a while carrying and setting up a stroller takes its toll. The “STOKKE Xplory” only weighs 12,1 kilograms and it practically folds together on its own, when it’s time to load it again.
If you are anything like me, you will need the 2 removable traveling bags, in the front and on the underside – my boy needs more accessories than I do…
Of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s super sleek and modern looking: who said being a mom couldn’t be fab!? My son loves it just as much as I do, and we sure will be using it until he hits 2,5 years, and then I’ll be able to swoon over the next Schlichting design treat.