Every once in a while, I get a surprise collaboration offer from a brand that I have always loved but was unaware of all the multi-facetted items they have. Let’s take Roeckl, for example: the beautiful luxury gloves company has been a part of my autumn and winter outfits since I discovered it moving to Munich. I also collected many of their lovely scarves and other accessories picked up over the years.

But Roeckl also crafts stunning bags which are meant to make the transition from classic quality to modern usability. The Zaha Bag is a triangular shaped, clean-cut bag that marvellously transforms to your needs through cleverly placed magnates. As an avid traveller and mom this means I can rotate the Zaha Bag from a sleek fashion statement to a bag that can carry enough toys to placate two young boys if need be. Needless to say, I am thrilled and very much enjoying my two latest purchases: a red and a black Zaha Bag.

The red bag went with me on my latest journey to Marrakesh and seamlessly merged with the joyful colours this lively city is so famous for. Integrating it into my styling was child’s play, a Grace Kelly look supported by a lovely Roeckl scarf. The brand, established in 1890, has managed to bridge the quality/modern gap by keeping its high-end materials (the bag is delightfully soft) while integrating high tech design. It comes in many colours, silver, black and red being my favourite for now – I have heard through the grapevine that fun summer colours will be awaiting us on the other side of this winter.

To get your own bag, just click this link or swipe up on my Instagram Story where I’ll be sharing more of the Zaha Bag.

In Cooperation with www.roeckl.com

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