Due to my very special situation, I am trying to slow down a little and get my mind and my body into a softer, more relaxed mode. I think I’m ready to start pampering myself and making sure I don’t expose myself and the baby to too much stress, no matter how much I usually like it. Now its time for happy- mommy, happy-baby spa days! Want to come along?

Through hours of research and a few trips myself, I found the top 5 spas worldwide that are suitable for pregnant women as well as. Sometimes it’s hard to find a spa specialized on the treatment of pregnant women, so I’m happy to share these gems.

From Alps to Beach and Sea breeze you can decide how u feel like ,me definitely would go as I am crawling for Sun …sea and relaxing on the beach ,with afternoon massages ,yoga in the morning after super healthy breakfast, facial and gymnastics for mommies to be!!

Switzerland: Chedi Andermatt Spa resort is truly one of a kind. Designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, it sports multiple pools, an exceptionally well-equipment gym, fitness classes of all kinds and treatments using products from Spa Ritual, Ila, Ren and Alpienne. This stunning Swiss resort is pure luxury and very suitable for both pregnant and non-pregnant women hunting for some fresh mountain air and pampering. Its mountain -facing 35-m pool is breath-taking and just one of multiple baths and saunas. A Hamman isn’t missing and there are multiple treatments which including bathing ceremonies and Asian massage therapy.

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Turkey: D-Hotel Maria's Espa Spa is an immensely soothing spa made for pure relaxation. Standing on the tip of a protected Peninsula, it offers spectacular, restorative views and is straddled by a number of private beaches, including the magical and relaxing Silence Beach.

Their Spa offers plenty of facilities, with all natural oils for your choice during a massage or a body scrubbing.

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Maldives: One & Only. The franchise One & Only speaks for itself. I have tried it in Dubai and South Africa, but the one in the Maldives rules them all. If you are not only looking for treatments and care, but also want to re-bond with your man before the stress begins, this is the place to go. It is truly paradise, and the spa is absolute luxury. You will come out of each treatment so relaxed and happy – I guarantee it. Not to forget the surroundings and beautiful rooms. I would definitely recommend a Family Spa Journey or Oceanside cabana to get the best out of your stay. And after a day of treatments why not visit the restaurants: temples of exquisite dining, fusing Asia Pacific and Mediterranean flavours into an eclectic menu of light contemporary fare.

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Bali: Como Shambala Estate takes a holistic approach to wellbeing. Here, relaxation is active, mostly in form of meditation and fitness. Of course you can have treatments here and their massages are outstanding. But they emphasize every aspect of wellbeing, even eating. Nutritionists and chefs trained in healthy and balanced cooking make sure you get enough of everything you need while you work on letting stress and strain behind. The scenery around the hotel is like something from The Lord of the Rings, with steep mossy, grass-covered hills, tropical rainforest buzzing with insect and bird life and really pretty waterfalls.

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Marbella: The Six Senses Spa Resort is located at Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa, which reflects the peaceful Andalusia beachfront village character of its setting. A highlight of the Spa is the wet area featuring a hydrotherapy pool, cold plunge pool, experience showers, herbal steam room, sauna and Hamman. There's a wide selection of Six Senses signature treatments and wellness therapies plus locally inspired options that combine herbs and sea salt, olive oil and rich minerals to offer truly Mediterranean experience.

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Enjoy your wellbeing!!