Wow. Simply wow.

After six days of Milan Fashion Week, I am back at home, very tired but endlessly happy to have Luca back in my arms… What an amazing experience my first proper Fashion Week was – The vibes, the amazing looks everywhere, the fast pace! My head is buzzing and I’m crossed-eyed due to not sleeping, running from one show to the other, but I wouldn’t miss a second!
You, my dear readers, have chosen your favourite five of my Fashion Week outfits, and I would like to introduce them to you. I’m very pleased about your choices (The outfits you liked and shared the most), because they are my favourites, too. I tried to incorporate at least one piece from each designer whose show I was watching, but many shows were timed so closely that I couldn’t manage to go back to the hotel to change. And never mind the traffic: with the Fashion Week and the Expo going on, there were a few times I had to abandon the car and sprint to make it on time.